Parent Testimonials

"Our little boy Jack started at Kidz Place in 2011. The educating team has helped us settle into the daycare life, we actually feel like we have family looking after our little boy, which is so important to us. We especially enjoy the book the educators keep with photos and key learning points, such a good keepsake for us and i love the painting and artworks he comes home with. I can also honestly say that getting an email with a photo in the middle of my work day of my little one outside playing is fabulous! We've recommended Kidz Place to my sister who is looking to bring her little boy Thomas to the centre in 2012." - Kate Corby

"Kidz Place has been wonderful to my 2 children. My children both started when they were babies in long daycare and then graduated to Pre School. My first child who is no longer at Kidz Place as he is now in primary school (year 1) still talks about how he misses Kidz Place and wishes he could still go there. The staff have always been wonderful and helpful no matter what the situation or circumstances. Its so nice to be able to come to pick up your child or children and then have to wait for them because they don't want to leave. I will certainly miss all your friendly faces when my youngest eventually goes to school. The profile books look fantastic! Lots of my family and friends have never had that fro their centre or preschool, its a memento they have forever all together in 1 book. Thanks guys." - Alissa Rieck

"I have two sons that attend Kidz Place, one in the main house and one in the cottage. Both boys settled very quickly, which i attribute to the caring and attentive nature of the staff. Their help with matters such as eliminating dummies and toilet training has been invaluable, and i have found both my sons have become very confident under their guidance and encouragement of the staff. They are constantly doing exciting and interesting activities that my children talk about animatedly at home. They love the beautiful garden, the bunny and all the craft they get to do. Both my children really enjoy their time at Kidz Place and have developed strong bonds with their carers, who i always find friendly and approachable." - Belinda McMahon

"Maeve started spending 3 days a week at Kidz Place when she was 9 months old. Kidz Place was recommended to me by a friend, whose 2 children were both attending at the time. It was perfect as it was on the way to my husbands work, within walking distance, we loved the big outdoor play area and the kidz seemed happy when we visited. Naturally I was nervous starting Maeve in daycare so young, but the carers seemed to understand that and let me ease Maeve (actually it was probably more for me than for her!) in slowly and at our own pace. She took to it immediately, aside from the usual initial nerves. Now that she is 19 months old, she still loves it there. She comes home from Kidz Place full of energy and happiness and babbles to me about her day. They send home artwork regularly and we display it on the wall or file it away for future inspection. Every special occasion of the year is celebrated and they really focus on teaching the children sensible skills - the first thing i remember Maeve learning from Kidz Pace was handing her empty bowl of fruit to me to say she was finished - I think this was within the first month of attending! Maeve now uses the ASL sign language signs for Finished and Thankyou while saying the words, and we can easily see the new skills she is learning. She's become a lot more confident around other children, which I'm certain is through her interactions at Kidz Place. She also sings songs at home for us, with actions, and while i don't always recognise the song, i can see she's very proud of herself and loves doing it! The carers are approachable and they stick to Maeve's routine, which i believe helped her settle in faster. They were also very accepting of our use of cloths nappies, which is great. From the occasional photos that are emailed to me while at work, i can see that Maeve is having a ball and is being allowed to explore her surroundings safely. Judging by the number of outfits she gets through each day and the fact that she comes home reasonably clean, I can also see that she is allowed to just be a child and get messy, without being left in dirty clothes all day. Im so glad we chose Kidz Place; it made it a lot easier for to go back to work knowing that Maeve was happy and cared for." - Tammy Henry

"Our two children have been at Kidz Place since they were about 1 year old. We have been delighted with the care they have received when they attend. We were attracted to Kidz Place, initially because of its proximity to home and the small class sizes, which would mean that the staff would get to know the children well. We have remained with Kidz Place because the children are so happy and clearly well cared for. It is also great to see two male teachers and also a wide age range in the educating team. The pre-school program is amazing and our son has learnt many wonderful things and the staff encourage the children to share their family experiences. We would have no hesitation in recommending Kidz Place." - Felicity Burton

"My son Noah has been going to Kidz Place since he was 2 and is now 3.5 yrs old. His sister Kaija went for 2 years before him and still talks about things she did there and the teachers she had. She has such great memories and wishes she could still go there. I am really happy with Kidz Place with what they teach my kids. They do so much more than just looking after them. I am so happy and excited about the new website as my partner is usually the one that drops off and picks up and now i feel like I'm not missing out on the great experiences and times that Noah is having there..." - Freya Snell