Policies and Procedures 

Medical Authorization

If your child requires medication, the parent and two Educators need to sign in the medication in our register book. At the end of each day the same process is needed to sign out the medication. All medication is to leave the premises at the end of each day. We also require you to fill out a medication slip and place it with the medication so that it clearly states when the medication is to be administered. No medication can be given if not in the original bottle - this is for us to check for any mistakes. Medication is the responsibility of the parent in the morning and the evening.

Signing In & Out

A parent must accompany their child when arriving and departing childcare. All children must be signed in and out each day. Children of the Cottage are encouraged to unpack their own school bag in the morning in preparation for school years. Parents of the main house have the responsibility to unpack their childʼs bag. If your child is toileting, it is the responsibility of the parent to take your child to the toilet before putting them in the classroom as well as when you pick your child up.

Pick up Authorization

Should you need someone other than yourself to pick your child up from Kidz Place, you will need to fill in an authorization form with the personʼs details on it. (Educators do not have time to check your emergency contacts for authorization. For grandparents etc, we will need to have this process complete for them to pick your child up also until all educators are familiar with the grandparents.) This authorized adult must bring photo identification with them for Educators to ID. If this is not provided, we cannot release your child for safety reasons. If you, for any reasons need this to happen and you havenʼt been able to fill out a form, then you need to call us and tell two Educators the persons details and give them both authorization to release your child if they brought their identification. When we next see you, you will need to sign the Authorization form from that day.


You will find these in terms newsletter, notice board or sign-in book and at times, by permission note. Usually a small fee is charged to cover any additional costs. GST may sometimes be applied. We generally have four Incursions per annum. You need to pay this to the room leaders NOT ADMINISTRATION.

Child Sponsorship

In order to support our curriculum goals (intentional learning) and support the children in their learning of the world around them, we have organized a child sponsorship program for the children at Kidz Place. The children sponsor two children in Africa and fundraise to support them by selling cakes, wrapping paper and cards. Please support the Kidz Place children, as they need to raise $20.00 per family per year.


Should the Department of Childrenʼs Services (DOCʼS) introduce new regulations, for eg: further equipment is needed or replacement of equipment is necessary, we may develop a need to fundraise to ensure that your children do not miss out. No family will be excluded from this.

Custody and Access

The director must be given a copy of any Court Orders relating to your child. Please notify the centre immediately if there is any change in circumstances. If access to your child is prohibited to any person, the director must be informed in writing. If separation has occurred, without Court Orders, legally both parents have custody and access to the child and Kidz Place MUST give that access.

Accidents and Incidences

We are always available to discuss any matter with the parents of the child concerned. Any accidents seen are recorded on the Accident Form and signed by the parents - a copy is presented to the parent within 2 days of the incident should the child be at school or later when the child returns.

We also have an observation form for recording any obvious injury believed to have been acquired away from the centre, for example, a broken arm or scraped face.

Please note: On enrolling your child you are giving permission in the case of an illness, accident or an emergency any medical, dental, hospital, ambulance or any other treatment necessary to be given to your child at your expense. Parents will be contacted and informed.

Car Park

Please obey the Entry and Exit signs at all times, park your car in the allocated spaces, leave circular drive free at all times and make sure you are not blocking another car in at any time.

Media and Confidentiality

At Kidz Place we have a curriculum of learning stories, learning web, emails to you as a parent and a digital photo frame. This is used as a visual communication to parents about their childʼs time at Kidz Place in the recent weeks. All parents read these each day. On enrolling your child at Kidz place, you give permission for your childʼs first name and comments to be displayed through the curriculum and these forms of communication. On occasion with emailing parents, your child could be present in a photo we send. Upon enrolment of your child, you are required to sign a Media Photo Release Form.


Please dress your child in suitable play clothing, with sneakers or sandals on their feet (no thongs). Always make sure they have a jumper and a spare set of clothes in their bag for both hot and cold weather including socks and singlets. (Kidz Place has very few spare clothes). We have a mud patch for the childrenʼs playtime so please provide a set of clothes (in summer) that you donʼt mind getting very dirty. Hats need to be in their bags at all times, especially in the warmer months where you would need to provide a beanie that covers their ears sufficiently. There is a ʻno hat, no playʼ policy. Please ensure their hat and beanie are clearly marked with their name.

Settling In

Parents are most welcome to visit the centre with their child prior to starting. (Please let us know if you are coming to visit so we can ensure it suits our ratios.) This will help the child become familiar with the Educators and surroundings at their new centre. Please remember that when you start at the centre, dropping your child off QUICKLY will assist them to settle in much more easily. If you are concerned about them after leaving, please do not hesitate to call us to see how your child is going and come back at the end of the day with 15 minutes to play with your child at Kidz Place. This reinforces to your child that coming to Kidz Place is a positive experience.


Birthdays are very important times in your childʼs life and we like to make them as enjoyable as possible. Please send a cake on their birthday so that they can celebrate with their friends, however please write down all of the ingredients for children with allergies. We will also take photos if you send along a camera. 


If your child is ill or has a sickness with the possibility of becoming contagious it is the responsibility of the parent to keep the child at home and notify the appropriate Educators (Room Leaders) of their absence.

Absentee notes must be filled in and signed by a parent. CHILDREN SUFFERING WITH A HEAVY COLD OR TEMPERATURE NEED TO BE KEPT AT HOME. (Common colds need common sense) YOUR CHILD WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WITH A GREEN NOSE WITHOUT MEDICATION THAT HAS A SCRIPT STICKER STATING YOUR CHILDʼS NAME AND SCRIPT DATE. We have a duty of care for all children, including yours! This is what parent sick days and annual leave days are for as parents. Children needing to be medicated with antibiotics will need to have had 48 hours on the antibiotics before returning to KidzPlace. Whether given at home or Kidz Place, educators are required to sight the script sticker for the medication/script date.

  • These are the policies to be followed:
    Diahorrea and Vomiting - Children should be excluded until symptoms have cleared (for at least 48hrs).
    Conjunctivitis - Child should be kept away until discharge has ceased.
    Chicken Pox - At least 10 days after the spots have appeared and the marks have cleared.
    Measles / German measles - At least 7 days from the appearance of the rash.
    Mumps - 2 weeks from the onset of swelling.
    Impetigo - Child must be away until all sores have cleared.
    Head Lice - Child must be away until the hair is completely clear.
    Ring Worm - Child must be away until all evidence of the disease has cleared.
    Cold Sores - Child must be away until the sore has completely healed.
    Whooping Cough - Child must be excluded until they have been on appropriate antibiotics for 7 days or more.
    Croup - The child must be away until all symptoms have passed.
  • All children are required to present a doctorʼs certificate of good health in order to return to Kidz Place after being ill. Parents and Educators are to follow the centreʼs policies on health. Any mandatory reporting of health issues will be reported to the Public Health Department.


Each child needs to be immunized to receive Centrelink assistance. Please bring in your Immunization Blue Book with your enrolment. Itʼs a requirement of DOCʼs that we have a copy of your childʼs immunization. Any updates on your childʼs immunization status must be presented to the Director and photocopied in order to update the system.