We communicate daily with our families via the Kinderloop app.  The Kinderloop app links our families and educators together and provides an opportunity for two-way communication.  It creates a fun, holistic approach to managing our requirements under National Regulations.  It allows us to document, plan, record and assess.  It makes it easy and fun for educators to capture and document special moments of a child’s development and have an informed and engaged community of families and staff, all centred around the children.

Our office will also use OWNA to share news or important information with families. These are the functions we share within OWNA:

  • Kids Gourmet Food (KGF) Daily Menu

  • Sleep Times

  • Meals Eaten & Food Quantities

  • Nappy Changes

  • Incident Reports 

  • Medicine Authority Forms (parents will be required to log this information in the OWNA app)

  • Curriculum 

  • Observations

  • Educator information including photos

  • Daily postings and photos


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