At Kidz Place we follow the National Early Years Learning Framework Curriculum (EYLF) which encompasses all the interactions, experiences, routines and events planned and unplanned, that occur in an environment designed to foster children’s learning and development.

ʻBelonging, Being and Becoming’ is the goal of this Framework. Belonging relates to connections and relationship, Being relates to individuality of beliefs, values, interest and knowledge and Becoming relates to learning and reflecting.
This curriculum provides children with self-confidence towards their learning experiences encouraging their interests in the skills required for life-long learning. The focus in the EYLF on respect for children as competent and capable learners from birth and acknowledgement of childhood as a valued stage of human development are important principles.

At Kidz Place we support the child with the opportunity to experiment and use their own ideas. All timing is child focused, so children can reach their full potential in their own time. We turn children’s strengths into observations in focus on the EYLF learning outcomes.

These learning outcomes are based on five principles of the EYLF:

  1. Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships

  2. Partnerships

  3. High expectations and equity

  4. Respect for diversity

  5. Ongoing learning and reflective practice

Kidz Place practices are based on our Philosophy, Mission Statement, Childcare Code of Ethics, Childcare Regulations, Programming Goals for intentional teaching, Early Years Learning Framework, National Quality Standards and our centre Policies and Procedures. Our Policies have been produced from input from the children, parents, Educators and other external bodies within the community.