We would like to recognise the traditional owners of the land, the Bidigil people, on whose land we build our community today.


Children have a sense of belonging firstly to their family and then to the wider community. Children feel a sense of belonging through the strong relationships they share with their friends and educators at Kidz Place. It is through these nurturing and loving relationships that children build on their identities.


Early childhood is the time when children "live in the moment." This is the way children explore their environment and make sense of the world around them.


During the early years there is a significant and rapid change in a child's life and this is shaped through their environment, circumstance and experiences. This impacts children's understanding, knowledge, identity, relationships and skills. This is how children learn and grow. 

The Image of the child

We believe that every child is unique, capable and full of potential. We foster positive, nurturing and strong relationships with our children. This enables children to feel comfortable and confident in their environment and provides an atmosphere where significant learning can take place.

Educators and the community

As educators we believe our role is to support, nurture and encourage children to grow and learn. Through building strong relationships with our children and families, we provide a learning environment that is safe, engaging, interest-based and inclusive. We acknowledge the importance of local community and foster relationships with different members and organisations in the community.


We encourage and embrace family involvement in our centre as we know the support and information shared by families is critical to maintaining a high quality of education and care. Through sharing information families enable us to provide a home-away-from-home.

Learning Environment

As research informs us the emotional, social, physical and mental wellbeing of young children effects the adults they will become. This is why at Kidz Place we are passionate about children's learning and development. We are dedicated to creating engaging play-based learning environments for young children. We view our children as competent, capable, creative, responsible, resourceful and resilient.


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